Health Management

Health Management

Policies and Basic Approach

In accordance with the Taisei Group Philosophy "To Create a Vibrant Environment for All Members of Society," Taisei works to enhance the health of all of its employees. The Action Guidelines for Taisei Personnel and the Taisei Group as a Whole clearly stipulates that “Taisei personnel shall endeavor to maintain their mental and physical health, and superiors shall give due consideration to the mental and physical health of their subordinates.”

In addition to maintaining compliance with the labor laws and regulations in each country, we have established a mechanism for health management and improvement, and we place particular emphasis on reducing working hours to prevent employees from becoming overworked. Issues relating to workplace hygiene and reducing working hours for employees at the head office and branches are studied and discussed, and Health Committees have been established with the aim of preventing health problems and maintaining and advancing health.

In addition, the head office and each branch establish a Mental Health Plan and conduct various types of health support measures.

Moreover, Taisei provides guidance to owners with regard to conducting worker health check-ups, appropriate posting of workers, management of appropriate work hours and so on, in order to prevent the onset of private illnesses or other impairment of the health of workers working at construction sites.

Mental Health Policy (excerpt)

We have established a Mental Health Policy declaring that maintaining mental health is recognized as a serious issue for ensuring the happiness of employees and their families and creating a vibrant workplace, and we are promoting the following items.

  1. Stress checks
  2. Mental health
  3. Provision of training and information
  4. Preparation of documents and manuals
  5. Protection of personal information

Sustainability Governance and Oversight

Taisei Corporation has established Health Committees at the head office and each branch, which are chaired by the General Manager of the Human Resources Department (in the case of the head office) or the Chief of Branch (in the case of a branch), and with members comprising occupational health physicians, health and safety managers, persons in charge of health promotion at each division, branch executive members of the employees' union and so on.

The Health Committee meets once each month and investigates and reviews issues relating to employee occupational hygiene and reduction of working hours, and works to prevent health impairment and maintain and promote employee health. The minutes of Health Committee meetings are posted on the Intranet for all employees.

Activities / Efforts

Thorough Health Management

Taisei requires employees to have a regular annual health check-up that includes a chest X-ray for early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer, pneumonia and so on. We work to achieve 100% compliance with the regular health check-up and strive to ensure that various tests are conducted and that appropriate after-care and health guidance are provided. In addition, Taisei also provides assistance for the costs of outpatient services to help people quit smoking in order to reduce the impact of lifestyle-related diseases, as well as for the costs of cancer screenings for breast cancer, uterine cervical cancer and other gynecological cancers, in order to promote advancement of employee health.

Overwork Prevention Measures

With regard to measures to prevent employees from becoming overworked, Taisei promotes appropriate allocation of work quantities and personnel assignment to appropriately manage working hours, and recommends interviews and guidance by a physician for persons whose health management overtime* exceeds 80 hours per month, in order to maintain health and prevent serious illness.

* Interview management time: The "calculated time of interviews and guidance for employees working long hours, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act" or "Taisei health management overtime hours" per month, whichever is greater.

Mental Health

A health management site has been set up on the Intranet to provide useful information as needed, including basic knowledge about mental health, a manual on procedures for return to work following a prolonged absence, contacts for both internal and external consultation, and health-related columns, in order to help employees obtain information related to health management.

We have also set up an employee assistance program (EAP) to enable employees to consult external professional counselors (health welfare professionals, clinical psychologists, etc.) regarding their worries and concerns. We also encourage and provide opportunities for employees to consult external professional counselors in person rather than only by phone or email, etc.
In addition, as initiatives for mental health education, we regularly provide training sessions and online learning courses, etc. in "Line Care" (a system for employee mental health support by supervisors) for employees in managerial positions, and in self-care and related matters for general employees.

Stress Checks

In FY 2022, the stress check participation rate for Taisei employees was 92%. Through participation in stress checks, guidance is provided to employees who are determined to be under high stress, and an active effort is made to improve workplace environments that pose a high risk to health.

Global Health Maintenance Activities

In an effort to maintain and improve the health of employees living overseas, Taisei conducts regular health check-ups for personnel on overseas assignments and accompanying family members (prior to departure, during the overseas assignment and after returning to Japan). As some countries and regions face health issues due to various types of infectious diseases such as HIV (AIDS), tuberculosis, and malaria, we recognize the importance of global health issues such as these and proactively take countermeasures. Taisei makes efforts to minimize the risk of contracting illnesses by incorporating content to enhance knowledge and raise awareness toward prevention regarding these types of infectious diseases during training for officers and employees before dispatching them overseas, alerting them about infectious diseases and other diseases caused by sanitary conditions in the regions where they are posted, and taking preventive measures (such as vaccinations and medications) according to the situation of the relevant country or region as necessary.

In addition, Taisei cooperates comprehensively with outside medical consultant firms to determine the basic medical situation and health risks in the countries in which it conducts business, and gathers information in a timely manner on illnesses and infectious diseases prevalent at work locations. Taisei has also established mechanisms by which various types of support can be provided if needed in the event that an employee or family member receives outpatient care or is hospitalized at a local medical institution.

With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic as well, Taisei has established a mechanism to enable online medical consultations and examinations by the doctors at medical consultant firms, as well as a system for emergency medical transport in preparation for the risk of severe illness. In this way, Taisei implements the measures that are needed to place the highest priority on maintaining and improving the health of employees on overseas assignments and their families.


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