Social and Cultural Contribution Activities

Social and Cultural Contribution Activities

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Achieving a Society Free From Poverty

Cooperation with International NGOs

In order to manage the risks of the spread of HIV among workers of large-scale construction sites which might trigger a decline in the labor force and productivity as well as a market contraction and instability, Taisei instituted the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for the Can Tho Bridge Construction Project (Bridge to Health Project) in 2006 over a period of two years to prevent HIV infection. Since 2008, Taisei has continued to provide donation assistance as a corporate member to Care International Japan (hereafter "CARE"), which strives to achieve "a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security" from the standpoint of child labor, educational opportunities and educational disparities, and development assistance.
CARE Japan is a member of the NGO CARE International, which carries out humanitarian aid activities in over 100 countries worldwide with the goal of creating a world without poverty by providing emergency relief aid during disasters, supporting agricultural water enhancement projects, and helping empower women and girls. CARE International has offices in over 100 countries, and provides specialized, long-term, comprehensive support not only in education, but also in the areas of empowerment, health, water and sanitation, environment, and community development.

[ Local Society ][ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Establishment of the “Taisei Corporation International Student Scholarship”

Community investment

As a company with extensive business operations in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taisei Corporation provides Scholarship support to foster reciprocal understanding between Japan and find solutions to issues affecting the community in Japan.
We established the Taisei Foundation in March 2017 in order to support the researchers who are realizing the Taisei Group Philosophy.
In FY2022, in the fifth group, we selected and provided scholarships to one student from Malaysia, four students from Vietnam and one student from Indonesia.

[ Local Society ][ Environmental Protection ]

Grants from the Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environments

To Ensure the Health and Sustainable Growth of the Global Community

To ensure the health and sustainable growth of the global community, it is necessary to conserve and restore natural environments as well as conserving and using historical buildings and other historical and cultural environments. The Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environment provides grants for projects that contribute to the conservation of natural environments, historical buildings and so on that are the shared assets of humanity both present and future, in order to pass these assets on to future generations and preserve the health and cultural life of humanity.
In the 30 years since its founding in 1993, the Foundation has contributed grants of approximately JPY 15 million each year (694 grants in all). Detailed information including a list of grants is posted on our website.

[ Local Society ][ Environmental Protection ]

Forest Creation Activities by the Forest Saver Project (FSPJ)

The Initiatives Developing the Fujisan Nanryo no Mori FSP scheme received the Minister of Environment Award

Under the theme of “a manufacturing base where greenery, people and production come together”, Taisei Corporation carried out the Fujisan Nanryo Industrial Park (Eco-Factory Mt. Fuji) development project in Fujinomiya City located at the south foot of Mt. Fuji.
Developing the Fujisan Nanryo no Mori the Forest Saver Project (FSPJ) scheme, a sustainable action to nurture forests in collaboration of industry, government, academia, and local people, we have supported nurturing forests for more than ten years from completion of construction. This is a pioneering initiative to balance economic activity and harmonious coexistence with nature in that it adopts forest nurturing methodology from a medium- to long-term perspective and business model with forest as its theme. We intend to utilize and deploy this as a tool to realize a nature coexisting society. In fiscal year 2022, the initiatives developing the Fujisan Nanryo no Mori Forest Saver Project scheme received the Environmental Award of the Minister of Environment Awards.

[ Local Society ]

Support for Bread Sales as a Practical Activity Helping to Achieve Independence of People with Disabilities

Creation of Helping to Achieve Independence in People with Disabilities

At the Taisei Advanced Center of Technology, weekly assistance for bread sales is provided to the training program to achieve independence of people with disabilities at the local activity home "Hikari" in Higashi Totsuka. Tours of the Center's activities are also provided for local elementary, junior high school and other students, as well as members of the general public.

(Note: Suspended from in February 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

[ Environmental Protection ] [ Local Society ]

The Satoyama Woodland Preservation activities

Employee volunteer program

Since 2007, Taisei Group has participated in the Tokyo Greenship Action Sustainability program conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, working together with local organizations, NPOs and so on to preserve the mixed forest satoyama and other natural environments in the Nanakuniyama Greenery Preservation Area in Machida, Tokyo.
Employees put in physical effort to participate in building a safe and secure community, which also helps to broaden communication with the local community.

[ Environmental Protection ]

Support for Animal-pathway & Wildlife Association and Dormouse & Wildlife Institute

"Dormouse Nest box-making" Employee Environmental Education and Volunteer Activity

Taisei supports the Animal-pathway & Wildlife Association and the Dormouse & Wildlife Institute, organizations that protect the Japanese dormouse and other wildlife. Since 2005, following the establishment of animal pathways in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, we have conducted employee environmental education and volunteer activities. In the volunteer activities, employees learn about the Japanese dormouse and build nest boxes, 3,190 of which have been contributed. Taisei also contributed to a crowd-funding effort to raise funds to create educational animated films about animal pathways and the problem of small arboreal creatures that are killed on roads.

Note: Activities were suspended from 2020 through 2022 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

[ Environmental Protection ]

Support for the Borneo "Ongaeshi" (Rewarding) Project using Vending Machines Equipped with a Donation Function

Environmental Contribution through Vending Machines Equipped with a Donation Function

Taisei has installed vending machines that are equipped with a donation function at its head office and branch offices, in order to donate a portion of sales to the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan (BCTJ) NPO. This is in support of the Borneo "Ongaeshi" (Rewarding) Project whose goal is to protect the Borneo elephant, a species that has become endangered due to the reduction of tropical rain forests in Borneo. In the 13 years since the machines were installed in 2010, donations amounting to JPY 33 million have been collected (as of February 2023).

[ Environmental Protection ]

Environmental Contributions through the "Taisei 1-Ton Club"

Simultaneously Achieving Carbon Offsets at the Company and in the Homes of Employees

The Taisei 1-Ton Club is an activity that has been conducted nine times to contribute to conserve the environment by "Simultaneously Achieving Carbon Offsets at the Company and in the Homes of Employees." since it is inaugurated in 2010. In 2012 and 2015, we supported the Kamaishi Forest Owner's Association, which manages the mountain forests of Unosumai District. In May 2017, a large-scale wildfire occurred in the District due to a suspicious fire, resulting in the burning of 413 hectares and heavy damage. Accordingly, we continued our support through in-house fundraising to donate money to cover the cost of planting saplings for the reforestation of Kamaishi Forest. The trees that were damaged in the wildfire were used to make novelty products for the employees who participated in this activity, as well as to make wooden seats, public restrooms, benches and louvered sunshades in Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium which was constructed by Taisei.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Grants Provided by the Taisei Foundation

Researcher Training Assistance to Contribute to the Development of Academic Research

We established The Taisei Foundation (general incorporated foundation) in March 2017. To support researchers who realize the Taisei Group Philosophy “To create a vibrant environment for all members of society,” we provide funds for academic research in fields including construction, civil engineering, development, energy, the environment, and disaster prevention.
Each year a public invitation is issued for research projects that are eligible to receive grants. 361 applications were received in the six years between FY2017 and FY2022, and 74 of these projects received grants. In October 2022, a meeting to present the achievements of these research projects was held, and 11 recipients of grants in FY2019 and FY2020 gave presentations on their research. Three of the grant projects were awarded the Taisei Foundation Recommendation Award in recognition of particularly outstanding research achievements.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Operation of “Galerie Taisei” to Spread Construction Culture

Community investment for people of learn architecture

The Galerie Taisei was established in 1992 to spread construction culture by introducing the works (architecture and paintings) of Le Corbusier, some of which have been inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage list. We lend items from our collections and cooperate in the planning of art exhibitions at museums such as The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.
On our website, we have created a 3D-CG virtual gallery based on a museum plan which was designed by Le Corbusier but could not be realized. His works of art are available for viewing in the virtual space. Other than the collections of art works by Le Corbusier, we also lend the works of artists like Marc Chagall and Charles-François Daubigny to exhibitions.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Support for "Taisei Cup Seirei-sen" Female Shogi Player Competition

Promotion of Women's Participation

Taisei sponsors the Taisei Cup Seirei-sen" competition for female shogi players in cooperation with the Japan Shogi Association. Through this competition, Taisei strives to disseminate and promote Japanese traditional culture and helps to promote full participation by women in the workplace.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Special Lectures at Yokohama National University

Research and personnel training through the Cross Appointment Program

The Taisei Advanced Center of Technology holds special lectures each year at Yokohama National University. These special lectures are held 13 times each year for students in their 3rd year or higher of study of the university's College of Urban Sciences.
Beginning in 2020, one year after the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement was signed, a new Cross Appointment Program was employed, and this has been confirmed to further strengthen cooperation and promote research. As a result of this program, Yokohama National University faculty members can also serve as Taisei technical advisors, and this is expected to accelerate joint research in this field.

Major achievements

No. of courses 13 Times
Major course content Latest examples of national civil engineering projects and large-scale building construction, as well as disaster prevention activities and activities to resolve environmental issues, and introduction of the technologies that made these possible. In addition, examples of the contributions of construction projects to society and engineer ethics. In addition to lectures, site visits and visits to technical centers are also conducted.
Examples of specific courses
  • The Construction Industry and Technical Development
  • Disaster Prevention Technologies for Construction
  • Coastal Zone Development and Disaster Prevention
  • New Materials and New Construction Techniques
  • Environmental and Energy Issues
  • Efforts to Preserve Biodiversity
  • Use of ICT Technologies in the Construction Industry
No. of technical advisors 13 (no. of instructors)
No. of students 33 (FY 2021)
Cumulative no. of students since 2019 2021: 33
2020: 24
2019: 38
(Prior to 2018, classes were held, but the number of students is unknown, so only the figures since FY 2019 are noted here.)

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Participation in “Riko-challe” to Encourage Women to Enter STEM Fields

Supporting STEM education

Since 2015, Taisei has supported the "Riko Challenge" (“Riko-Challe”), a program to encourage more women to enter the fields of science and technology (riko in Japanese). The program is designed for female elementary, junior high and high school students and is jointly sponsored by the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office, the Education Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). As part of this effort, Taisei participated in the “Summer Riko-Challe: Riko Work Experience” event.
In past years, students visited technology centers and construction work sites, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 the event was held in the form of an online round-table discussion. Following a description of the construction industry and past projects undertaken by Taisei, young female employees who are involved in building construction and civil engineering projects in various parts of the country talked about the projects they had worked on. And we answered many questions from the attendees, and they appeared excited and inspired by a series of first-ever experiences.
We hope the event sparked strong interest in construction, leading to the development of future human resources to become involved in the construction sector.

[ Local Society ]

Support for B&G Foundation “Experiencing Nature Project”

Support for children's rights through programmes

The goal of the Blue Sea and Green Land Foundation (B&G Foundation) is to ensure a healthy upbringing for the children who will be the leaders of the next generation, and to promote healthy lifestyles from infancy through old age, through marine recreation and other activities that provide the opportunity to experience nature.
Taisei endorsess the goals of B&G Foundation and has donated to support its activities since 2019. In September of FY2022, the Marine Sports Experience was held. This workshop is designed to enable participation by all (children with disabilities, children's homes, single parent households and so on) in accordance with the goal of eliminating disparities in opportunities to experience nature, which is one of the key missions of the B&G Foundation. On the day of the workshop, approximately 30 children and staff from children's homes in Tokyo gathered at the Wakasu Yacht Training Center to enjoy marine sports such as canoeing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and boat excursions.
Taisei Corporation will continue to support the B&G Foundation's activities that bring smiles to the faces of the children who will become the future leaders of Japan, and also deepen ties with the local community.