Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Policies and Basic Approach

To fulfill the Taisei Group Philosophy of “to create a vibrant environment for all members of society,” it is essential to first establish a work environment where every employee can flourish. In 2006, ahead of other companies, we initiated diversity promotion measures with an eye towards the challenges of a declining population and the need for new value creation. Through ongoing evaluation and adaptation of these initiatives, our focus on diversity has evolved into a broader commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with an enhanced emphasis on “job satisfaction” and “ease of work.” Moreover, recognizing the male-dominated nature of the construction industry, we are placing special emphasis on strategies that actively “engage men” in these efforts.

Risks and Opportunities

If efforts to harness the skills and capabilities of diverse personnel—including women, elderly employees, and non-Japanese employees—are inadequate, we risk not being able to secure top talent. Consequently, endeavors to uplift corporate value, such as through innovation, might stagnate, and our reputation among our stakeholders could diminish.
Conversely, by actively promoting Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to realize an attractive working environment that is good to work in, we aim to attract and retain stellar human capital, boost the engagement levels of our executives and employees, and invigorate the organization as a whole.

Policies / Commitments

  • Action Guidelines for Taisei Personnel and the Taisei Group as a Whole
  • Multi-Stakeholder Policy
  • Human Resources Development Policy (Diversity & Inclusion Policy)
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Medium-Term Business Plan: To promote the measures that emphasize an attractive working environment, as well as diversity and inclusion

Goals and Targets

Medium-to Long-Term Goals / KPIs / Performance


  • United Nations Global Compact, "Human Rights," "Labor"
  • The Valuable 500
  • My Declaration of Human Rights (Ministry of Justice)
  • "Male Leader Coalition for Empowerment of Women" by the Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office
  • Action Plan for the Act on the Promotion of Female Workplace (Cabinet Office)
  • Voluntary action plans on the promotion of women to managerial and board position (Japan Business Federation)
  • Challenge to 30% by 2030(#Here We Go 203030)(Japan Business Federation)
  • Human Capital Management Consortium

Sustainability Governance and Oversight

Promotion System

Chairperson Chief of Business Administration Division
Organization for consultation Personnel Committee (Business Committee)
  • Important matters relating to diversity & inclusion are discussed in advance by the Personnel Committee and then discussed at a Management Committee, after which they are referred and reported to the Board.
Policy Human Resources Development Policy (Diversity & Inclusion Policy)
Secretariat Human Resources Department

Activities / Efforts

Diversity of Human Resources / Diversity of Working Styles

Diversity of Human Resources
  • Female Employees: Active employment in careers with promotions /Expanding fields of employment /Implementation of career development training.
  • Senior Personnel: Preparation of reemployment system that provides fulfilling work.
  • Non-Japanese Employees: Establishment of consultation desks /Creation of handbook for receiving departments.
  • LGBTQ: Establishment of consultation desks regarding LGBTQ at an external organization
  • Persons with disabilities: Use of voice transcription tools for corporate contracts
  • Race: Embedding the Human Rights Policy and providing various education and training
  • Religion: Embedding the Human Rights Policy and providing various education and training
Diversity of Working Styles
  • Working style reform through use of ICT in daily operations
  • Enhancement of support framework to balance childcare/nursing care and work
  • Support for male employees' participation in Diversity and Inclusion

Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement

Taisei Corporation launched its Positive Action Plan in 2006, and Taisei's early efforts to actively hire women and increase the number of job categories for women have been widely recognized and were included in METI's Diversity Management Selection 100 for FY 2015.
To further enhance its initiatives to promote diversity, Taisei has taken initiative to increase awareness, expand opportunities for advancement, hire and train more women, and establish an employee-friendly work environment as proposed by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), as well as an action plan for women's active participation in the workplace (based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace).

In March 2021, Taisei announced its support for Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)'s "Challenge to 30% by 2030 (#HereWeGo203030)" (with a goal of having 30% of executives be women by 2030). We will strive to ensure diversity, including gender diversity, within important decision-making bodies, including the Board of Directors.

Moreover, in July 2020 Taisei supported for the Cabinet Office's Declaration on Action by “Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women”. As part of this effort, the number of participants in Female Leadership Training, conducted as a measure to increase female participation, reached 273 and 1,104 employees have participated in the program (as of the end of Octorber 2023). Taisei will continue to provide training for female employees and their superiors and hold Work-Life Balance Seminars in which employees participate with their partners and so on, as well as making a concerted effort to support childcare by male employees.

Support for the Activities of Employees who are Non-Japanese Nationals

Taisei hires a diverse workforce through mediums such as its website and corporate presentation meetings for non-Japanese students that widely publicize the company's work styles.
Taisei hires a diverse workforce through mediums such as its website and corporate presentation meetings for foreign students that widely publicize the company's work styles.In addition to providing foreign national employees with training in Japanese culture and systems, we also conduct training for both foreign national employees and their supervisors to help them understand values and culture and learn specific communication methods, as well as distributing guidebooks that impart expertise, as a way of deepening mutual understanding. Also, in addition to the head office, branch offices, and work sites in Japan, Taisei's business has expanded to other countries and regions, mainly in Southeast Asia, where personnel of various nationalities are employed in the work sites, overseas offices and overseas subsidiaries in each country.In addition, human resource development is implemented through various types of training, while respecting the local customs and culture in each country and region.

*Main Training

Online training in "Ethics, Compliance and Overall Principles of Conduct" and "Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & ESG" for foreign national employees and locally hired staff at overseas workplaces, overseas offices, and overseas subsidiaries.

Employment of Senior Personnel, Employees Who Have Left the Company after Childcare or Nursing-care Leave

To enable veteran employees with abundant knowledge and experience to pass on this expertise to the next generation as "life-long employees," Taisei has established a rehiring program for former employees following mandatory retirement, up to the age of 65. As of the end of March 2023, 882 employees had been rehired in this manner. Taisei also provides information on individual topics such as post-retirement planning and preparation and so on.
In addition, we launched a rehiring system (Job Return System) in FY2008 to reemploy personnel who have resigned due to unavoidable circumstances, such as the work-related transfer of a spouse or the need to provide childcare or nursing care, so that they can return to the workplace. As of March 2023, 41 employees had been reemployed under this system.

Promotion of LGBTQ Awareness and Establishment of an External Counseling Point

We offer ongoing e-learning and training for employees to promote better understanding, awareness, and behavioral changes with respect to LGBTQ issues. Furthermore, in June 2023, we established an external counseling point featuring external counselors with knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ issues in order to resolve LGBTQ-related concerns at work and to develop a workplace environment in which all employees can work with vigor and enthusiasm.

Support for the Activities of Employees with Disabilities

We make efforts to provide support and consideration for employees with disabilities so as to enable them to play active roles by fully applying their talents and abilities in the workplace. The details of the necessary support that they desire from the company are confirmed during recruitment. In addition to assigning an Employment Counselor for People with Disabilities at the head office and branch offices, qualified industrial counselors and job coaches also collaborate with external organizations (such as certified psychologists) as well as conduct meetings and provide follow-ups with employees with disabilities and their supervisors.

External Evaluations

Taisei Corporation was recognized as the top-ranked"Best Workplace" in the D&I Award 2022 sponsored by JobRainbow.


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