Message from Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

* The content of this page was originally posted on Annual Report 2022(Integrated Report)

Addressing sustainability, which is represented by key terms such as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG, is a global issue, and it is becoming increasingly more important for companies to increase their sustainable value. The Taisei Group has identified eight material issues (Important issues to be addressed) as the Materiality in promoting sustainability management. In response to changes in the external environment and the interests of society and stakeholders, we will review the Materiality periodically and on an ongoing basis to realize a sustainable society.
In April 2022, the Sustainability Division (Integrated) was established to promote sustainability management, and I was appointed as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) to lead its activities. The establishment of an organization and a position that bears a name that includes “sustainability” exemplifies the Group’s commitment to placing importance on sustainability.
In November 2021, the Group formulated the “Fundamental Policy on Sustainable Development” and the “Human Resources Development Policy (Diversity & Inclusion Policy)” to further promote initiatives to realize a sustainable society. In February 2022, it revised its long-term environmental target “TAISEI Green Target 2050” to accelerate initiatives toward decarbonization. In addition, in conjunction with the establishment of Sustainability Division (Integrated), the CSR Committee chaired by an External Member of the Board was renamed the Sustainability Committee. Further, the “Human Rights Policy” was revised to establish the framework for human rights due diligence and stipulate that it be carried out on an ongoing basis. Under these policies and organizational structure, we will promote sustainability activities from a variety of perspectives.
The Medium-Term Business Plan (2021-2023) sets key sustainability issues under five themes: “Energy and Environment,” “Safety,” “Technical development,” “DX,” and “Workstyle reform and Corporate governance.” Within the Sustainability Division (Integrated), the Sustainability Management Promotion Division, which is in charge of all strategic functions, and the Clean Energy and Environment Business Promotion Division, which is responsible for project promotion functions, have been established with the common mission of promoting carbon neutral operations, a goal set out under “Energy and Environment,” and will be making every effort to achieve this goal.
The Taisei Group Philosophy of “to create a vibrant environment for all members of society” is indeed a message that precisely describes sustainability. We will continue to engage in dialogue and cooperation with our stakeholders that consist of shareholders and investors, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities, in order to achieve sustainable development for society and the Group.

Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Chief of Sustainability Division (Integrated);
Chief of Clean Energy & Environment Business Promotion Division